Asian Sea Logistics



We have the ability to meet customer’s demands and excel in a changing market. This has made it possible for our customers to achieve a positive and competitive edge to meet their warehouse service requirements, improve their efficiency and reduce costs. Our warehouse is conveniently located and well equipped to handle large volumes and is fully insured along with armed guards’ protection 24 hours a day. We provide complete handling capabilities for your air and ocean shipments.

Highly Secure Facilities

Container Loading and Unloading

Cross Docking

External Temporary Storage (ETSF)

Customs Bonded Warehousing



Warehousing Express is a top warehousing and logistics company in India. We provide 3PL warehouse services using our in-house WMS software for real-time management and a team of skilled professionals. We offer local storage and delivery solutions in all major Indian cities through our warehouses and fleet network. Businesses looking to expand can use our warehouses in different cities to store goods and plan local deliveries. E-commerce sellers use our facilities to meet geo-tagging requirements and boost sales. We offer custom 3PL warehouse and logistics solutions for MNCs, large corporations, SMEs, traders, AMC service companies, solar/telecom projects, and startups. Our team handles procurement, order management, warehousing, distribution, and deliveries with live tracking through our advanced in-house technology. We also provide various reports, customized alerts, and analytics through our WMS application.

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